“The Authors of Our Own Unknowns: Self-Invention in Women’s Poetry” at West Branch

"Dull Jewels Reburied: Poetry of Place in Four Debuts by Women" at West Branch

Review of George David Clark's Reveille at The Journal

Review of Catherine Pierce's The Girls of Peculiar at Pleiades

Review of Wendy Xu's You Are Not Dead at The Journal


video & photography

Introductory Interview at Allentown Art Museum’s Spoken Word Night. March 2019.

Reading "scenario four : you are not a myth" at Say Yes Electric Collective's Second Anniversary reading
in Brooklyn, NY. May 2017.

Reading "Between Here & Predictable Characters" at The Home School in Hudson, NY. August 2016. 

Reading a selection of poems at Paging Columbus, 2014.



"On Faking It, Heat, & Age Imprinting" at Sartorial Scholars


(on revision): “Saying more is one way to find a poem’s pulse. I think the most successful poems beat without showing you their heart; it logically follows that you, as the poet, may have to spend a great deal of time learning the contours of the heart, hearing its subdued second thud, before trimming it—that visible muscle—out.”
-Shirali for Underbelly Mag

"English Faculty Reading: Raena Shirali and Lindsey Drager" at Crazyhorse Reading Series

"What Can We Steal From Raena Shirali's 'looking through a telescope at the moon on the day neil armstrong died'?" at

"Undead Darlings" at Howlarium